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Coke vs. Pepsi: The E. coli Test

By Miss Cellania THe following is an article from The Annals of Improbable Research. (Image credit: Flickr user At first the cells grew quite poorly, and I thought it might...
Posted On 24 Jun 2015

Ready to go to Rhodes?

By californiakat1564 Chapter 14 of United is ready! I hope you like it. Kat Tagged: Eric Northman, Eric/Sookie, True Blood, True Blood Fan Fiction Source: California Kat
Posted On 20 Jun 2015

At World Ends – Ch. 5

Minutes slipped by and nothing happened.  The stranger looked around after a while, but didn’t talk anymore.  He was waiting too.  Finally, he stared at her.  Hannah stared...

A Voyage Aboard the Nemosis: Part 2

The first few weeks on the ship took much getting used to. For Chastity more than Permelia, anyway. Permelia could handle the lack of a bath and proper food, but Chastity...
Posted On 14 Apr 2014

At World Ends – Ch. 4

Hannah closed her eyes, counted to ten, hoping that when she opened them again, the man would be gone.  He wasn’t.  He also was still not moving.  As quietly as she could, she...

The Road Untold – Chapter 3

  The gusto I had when I strode out of the library quickly faded when I sat in my car, about to turn the key in the ignition. Where the hell was I supposed to start...
Posted On 05 Apr 2014
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